The Citadel is the epicenter of Noria, as well as Giralda's politics. Visible from anywhere in the vast city, this tall spire is situated in the center of the High District, home to the High Monarch(s), and meeting place of the Council. It is heavily guarded at all times, regardless of how peaceful the realm may be at a given time. It is considered a high honor to be granted access to any part of the Citadel and a grave offence for trespassers.
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Home to both the royal palace and the council chambers, this is the most affluent area of Noria. Located on an island in the middle of the river Aire and accessible by two bridges, the High District is easily defensible. It is also possible to hire boats to take you to the district from several parts of the city. A few high end merchants operate in this district, their goods usually fetching higher prices. A handful of inns and taverns can be found here, though with higher standards than most such establishments. A contingent of guards is always on hand, on either bridge, ready to leap into action if needed.
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