The densest population outside of Vanyar itself is within the limits of Korin. This province is host to the market that is the main hub for trading within the boundaries of Vanyar. Merchants come from near and far to sell and barter within Korin. The trade is all regulated, but it draws a large crowd. Home to a number of families, Korin is a bustling marketplace of a town, save for the winter months.
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The small province of Redacre is where the retired military and Valarocco riders live. The province was originally developed as a place for the elders, but was expanded to include the injured riders that were still young, but could no longer be part of the Valarocco. Redacre is a quiet place, the solitude evident upon entering the province. It is rather quiet and reserved, much like it's inhabitants.
The people of Vanyar refer to Vail Hill as the dead woods more often than not, because the lack of care has led to overgrown plant life, an extensive wooded area, and most believe it to be haunted in some way. Vail Hill is visited at least once by every new Marhsal to understand the significance of unity in their vast land, due to the conflict that led Vail Hill to become what it is today.
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The people of Vanyar pride themselves on being strong and hard working people. The majority of those living within the limits of the city itself are blacksmiths and other laborers. Those on the outskirts tend to farm, raise, and grow food for the rest of the community. The Vanyar people are a noble bunch, and aren't likely to be tread upon. They look up to the Marshal and his family in times of trouble, and are supportive of the family throughout rough times. The lands of Vanyar are vast and sprawling, filled with rolling hills and deep valleys. Vanyar has a few bodies of water to support the citizens and life in the community, and tends to support some lands surrounding it. The climate in Vanyar varies, going from dry heat to wintry mix/snow within a few seasons. The longest period of weather may equate to fall, with the air being crisp and cool.
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