The only major city in the province, Bergast sits on the northern bank of Brelan Bay and is a hive of trade and commerce. Merchants grow fat on profits and ships full of goods fill the docks. The central square is dominated by a vast warehouse, which allows ships to dock right beside the market and the tall clock tower where the most influential merchants and citizens form the Breish council.
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A small port town on the Hook coast, cut off from the landward side via the dense forests of the Hook.
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Ulcaster is a fortified town in the South East of Brelan, and guards the widest pass into the country. It has a large Garrison of 13,000 professional soldiers. The other 20,000 are spread among the forts guarding the passes.
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Dreams of ballads, love, riches and death
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Ambush! On a Forgotten Path
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Specters of the Past
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The Forsaken Temple (INTRO)
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Night Watch
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Fireside Chatter
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Located in the central western area of Girlada, the small province of Brelan is bordered by Dholen Sûr to the North and East, and Thisbē to the South. The province is hemmed in by the Grent Mountians, with only a dozen passes which allow entry in the summer, dropping to only 5 which are usable year round. The interior of Brelan is a mix of rolling hills and flat plains, which coupled with the damp conditions make Brelan excellent farmland. The Hook of Brelan is almost entirely covered in forest. Brelan Bay lies near the center of the province and flows out, past the Hook into the sea. The major crops are wheat, a hardy form of rice known as Comalla, tobacco and tea are grown in the foothills. Hardy goats and sheep are farmed in the foothills, with herds of cows raised on the plains.
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